Jack S. Gjording

Member Attorney

Jack Gjording is described by Chambers USA interviewees as “one of the best attorneys there is. They laud his experience, personalized approach and pragmatism.”

Trudy Hanson Fouser

Member Attorney

Trudy Hanson Fouser is regionally and nationally recognized as an exceptional trial lawyer.  Benchmark Litigation interviewees hail Trudy as “the leading female litigator in Idaho.” 

Stephen L. Adams

Senior Counsel

Stephen represents clients in appeals, complex business litigation and malpractice cases. He plays an active role in the firm’s motion practice and his colleagues often refer to him as the “Rules guru” because of his ability to quickly identify the intricacies of the law and present the client’s position through innovative, persuasive and concise motions.

Marisa S. Crecelius


Marisa is a trial lawyer who represents governmental entities, insurance companies and businesses involved in litigation ranging from bad faith to wrongful termination.  Marisa finds the law fascinating and she relishes in researching, preparing, and presenting legal argument regarding unsettled issues of the law.  

Taylor H. Fouser


Taylor is a trial lawyer who represents health care facilities, insurance companies and professionals involved in litigation ranging from malpractice to tort and complex business litigation.  

Eric W. Stokes


Eric is a trial lawyer who represents businesses, governmental entities and insurance companies involved in a variety of litigation areas ranging from negligence to malpractice to whistleblower retaliation. 

Jeffrey N. Street


Jeffrey is a trial lawyer who represents insurance companies and professionals in complex business litigation and insurance defense cases in state and federal courts and federal arbitration forums.