For the seventh year in a row, Gjording Fouser is the only law firm in Idaho to receive the highest ranking possible, tier 1, in the appellate category in U.S. News-Best Lawyers. Collectively, our attorneys have represented clients in more than 80 appeals before the Idaho Supreme Court, Idaho Court of Appeals and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The cases involve issues such as: complex commercial litigation, insurance coverage, medical malpractice, environmental, employment, product liability, professional liability, and governmental defense. Our experience and familiarity with Idaho’s appellate courts allows our team to carefully assess the merit of the case and the probability of creating favorable or unfavorable legal precedent. We also judiciously evaluate whether there is reputational risk for the client before pursuing any appeal.

In addition to handling appeals, our appellate attorneys provide consulting services to other attorneys who are handling an appeal. Our consulting services include: evaluating their case, reviewing briefs and assisting with preparation for oral arguments.

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