About Gjording Fouser


Idaho Litigation Firm of the Year

After reviewing our firm’s casework and conducting extensive interviews with our clients and other Idaho litigators, Benchmark Litigation named our firm the “Idaho Litigation Firm of the Year” for the 7th consecutive year. 

True Trial Lawyers

Gjording Fouser’s greatest asset is the extensive trial experience of our team. Collectively, we have been lead counsel in more than 320 civil jury trials. Our team tries cases throughout the State of Idaho and we are familiar with judges, opposing counsel and juries throughout the State. We are often retained by clients to serve as trial counsel shortly before a trial commences because of our reputation that, if requested by our clients, we will without hesitation go to trial. Our agility and the trial experience of our attorneys and staff enable us to efficiently and effectively get up to speed.


Recent Accolades

Team-Based Litigation Approach

Gjording Fouser has a team-based litigation approach for our clients. While at most law firms this simply means placing several attorneys on a case and double or triple billing for the same hour, at Gjording Fouser the team approach means that we assemble client teams that consist of our attorneys that have the best skill set to handle our clients’ needs. This approach ensures that each client will have the best person analyzing records, performing discovery tasks, researching and retaining experts, drafting motions, planning issue-based focus groups, and taking witnesses at trial. Our client teams hold bi-weekly internal roundtable discussions, at no charge to the client, where we develop a fresh and innovative strategy for each case and we believe these meetings ensure consistent, high quality and cost-effective service is provided to each and every one of our clients.


What a great community we live in!  It is full of individuals and organizations that are selflessly committed to making a difference.  We feel very fortunate to be able to volunteer with and support so many different organizations  – whether they are trying to keep abused children out of danger and in safe homes, helping young girls gain self-confidence and great health through running, making it possible for musicians at every level to create and play incredible music, educating others about the risks of heart disease and stroke or helping grant wishes for critically ill children. 


GF Social Responsibility in Action

We hope you will join us to support civic education programs in Idaho at the Attorneys for Civic Education (ACE)’s annual fundraising event. Hilarity for Charity is an improv comedy show that is always a blast! It will be held on September 15, 2022 at 6:30pm at Beside Bardenay in Boise.